Alarmist water film strikes out with three green losers: Gleick, Brockovich and Hayes

As the world beats Peter Gleick like a bass drum, “Last Call at the Oasis” ought feel the reverberation.

The water alarmist documentary “Last Call at the Oasis” — brought to you by the same folks who did “An Inconvenient Truth” — features three zeroes of junk science:

11 thoughts on “Alarmist water film strikes out with three green losers: Gleick, Brockovich and Hayes”

  1. People will think what they think, with or without the tag. I’m okay with it.

    If we seriously wanted to save water, lawns would have to go. The question is “Do we really need to save water?” I say no, but to those who say yes, the reality is the lawns go. It’s a set-up by enviros when they want you to turn off the water when you brush your teeth. That really does nothing and they know it. Same for the low-flush toilets and shower heads. When it fails, then the draconian measures are hauled out and your lawns go. It’s a good plan if you’re pro planet and anti people……Not so good if you like lawns and golf.

  2. Tyrone Hayes: It’s hard to take seriously a man who has a chandelier hanging from each ear. Plus he’s from UC Bezerkely. So I guess it all makes sense.

  3. Outlaw golf and lawn mowing. Yuh. Sure.

    You need to put a /sarc tag on that comment, else people might think you’re a bit of a loon.

  4. I checked–National Geographic and NPR agree with you. 🙂
    I was actually being more or less facetious. I realize the economic damage shutting down golf would have and I am quite aware of the fact that wildlife really loves golf courses, sometimes too much. My point is we are willing to cut water usage for some things while others, even if a better choice, we refuse to consider. I do think lawns are rediculous, especially the highly-fertilized, showcase ones. One can minimize water usage on these lawns with underground irrigation, carefully monitoring sprinklers so they run at optimum times, etc. However, besides providing employment for home and garden businesses, the lawns are pretty much for show. (It’s just my opinion and I don’t intend to try and legislate the idea. Lawn water is the largest consumer of water in many areas, according to the people who control the water supply.)
    I do think we have the technology to deal with all the water usage we need, but it’s kind of pricey and if we had plenty of water, the enviros would have to find something new to attack!

  5. Alice Cheshire | February 23, 2012 at 3:05 pm [ … ] Not to mention the mountains of pesticides and herbicides needed for that “Louby Lawn”. Want to save water and the earth–outlaw golf [ … ]

    Alice, I agree with a lot of what you say but this borders on ridiculous; golf course maintenance has come a long way since the 1980’s with special grasses and environmentally friendly weed and pest control. A point of fact is a properly managed golf course is a positive contributor to the environment through wildlife habitat and waterway quality improvements. Tee up a ball and enjoy a walk outside 🙂 Cheers, Tone.

  6. MSM did not cover Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s special report on the investigation into Barack Obama’s eligibility this afternoon either. It was pretty damning. They took them apart just like others did with Gleik’s. F_A_K_E…

  7. If the MSM doesn’t report Fakegate, did anything bad happen?

    Its only skecptic sites that are reporting anything scandalous. Kinda like what occurred with climategate, except quieter.

  8. Oi – starts with the inevitable Philip Glass. He really has a monopoly on that kinda thing…
    BUT – grave mistake: listen to the PLAYFUL motive at 01:15 – is that a major accord? Bad, bad, you use minor keys in catastrophic mockumentires…
    2:20 – TRIUMPHANT major accords – KIDS! Didn’t you learn anything in school! THE END IS NIGH; that is not the time to play major accords. We are not at Carmina Burana here.
    They should have stuck to Glass through the entire trailer…

  9. I knew it–the water is leaking out the ozone hole. I have long suspected this, because otherwise it would be impossible to run out of water in a closed system. Ozone hole it is.
    Do I recall something about clay pots filtering water in Haiti and people in India not wanting to drink polluted river water, so they drilled wells and died from natural arsenic in the water (that was “okay”–nature killed them)?
    Speaking of wastes of water, why are there still golf courses and parks with Kentucky Blue grass that suck the life out of the water supply? Not to mention the mountains of pesticides and herbicides needed for that “Louby Lawn”. Want to save water and the earth–outlaw golf, lawn mowing and Kentucky Blue grass. Mandate drought resistant grass strains. I mean, if you’re serious……
    This is a fabricated problem. We have what it takes to make water work–we choose not to use those options. And all the wailing and gnashing of teeth won’t change that.

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