Al Gore takes aim at ‘unsustainable’ capitalism

The formula for economic growth is the Founder’s “limited government,” not Al Gore’s “sustainable capitalism.”

Reuters reports:

Former Vice President Al Gore wants to end quarterly company reporting and explore issuing loyalty-driven securities as part of an overhaul of capitalism which he says has turned many of the world’s largest economies into hotbeds for irresponsible short-term investment.

Together with David Blood, senior partner of ‘green’ fund firm Generation Investment Management, the environmental activist has crafted a blueprint for “sustainable capitalism” he wants the financial industry to adopt to support lasting economic growth…

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3 thoughts on “Al Gore takes aim at ‘unsustainable’ capitalism”

  1. “It would appear that, Mr Gore, has inadvertently reversed the science …” High Court Judge, following the acceptance by the makers of, An Inconvenient Truth, and Government scientists that the 12,000 year old ice cores actually show rising global temperatures are always followed 800 – 2,000 years later by identical rises in the levels of CO2. This means that every atmospheric CO2 reading used by Gore and the IPCC were caused by the global temperatures between the years 12 AD – 1212 AD and unless the computer climate models can foresee the 800 – 2,000 years into the future, they are as useless as Mr Gore, who made $millions with the anthropogenic CO2 fraud.
    Didn’t he once promise to be able to produce anthropogenic gold, too?

  2. “…irresponsible short-term investment.”

    Is that like Al Gore’s foray into the carbon trading market? Got in at the ground floor for a few million dollars and sold JUST before it crashed for several hundred million.

    If that’s the kind of “sustainable capitalism” he has in mind, God help us all.

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