Al Gore hits Heartland

Al Gore is the best weapon that skeptics have.


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Corey Husic, a student and trained Climate Presenter, is sending the message below to Joseph Bast, President and CEO, Heartland Institute. Sign our petition and join Corey in standing up for reality. Say NO to climate denial in our schools.

Dear Mr. Bast,
I’m Corey Husic, and I’m a high school student in Pennsylvania. It’s come to my attention that you are prepared to spend a significant amount of money on a “global warming curriculum” to teach kids that climate change isn’t real.
That’s right. According to your own budget documents, you want to hand teachers a curriculum that says global warming is “a major scientific controversy” and that carbon dioxide might not even be a pollutant.
Please be advised: Your entire premise is false. The reality is that our climate is changing now and human activities are a primary cause. I’m just a high school student, so please don’t take my word for it. Just ask any National Academy of Science in the world or just about any actual climate scientist.
Given who pays your bills, your plan doesn’t come as a surprise. According to your own documents, your organization is funded by coal and oil companies with a financial stake in denying climate science — not to mention tobacco companies that tried to convince us smoking doesn’t cause cancer.
My generation is already experiencing a very different climate from our parents and grandparents. We will be the ones responsible for making sure coastal cities are able to withstand rising sea levels. We are the ones who will have to protect ourselves from weather extremes like stronger hurricanes, longer droughts and hotter heat waves. Instead of trying to undermine the science that shows humans are causing climate change, we should be learning how those changes are going to affect us and what we can do about it. In other words, teach us something useful.
We respectfully demand that you cease and desist your effort to bring climate change denial into our schools.
Corey Husic
Age 17
Climate Presenter

7 thoughts on “Al Gore hits Heartland”

  1. One last thought it is just like al Gore to send a boy to a do man’s job, but then again Al didn’t get the job done and the boy is probably more of a man than Al. 😉

  2. He signs his title as climate presenter. What is it and what qualifications are needed to get such a title? What specifically does he object to? What is his scientific qualifications. Has he reviewed the specific curriculum modules to make an informed objective assessment or is he just a parrot being manipulated by Al Gore? Is he aware of errors and mis-statements in ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and is he active in protecting school children from AIC? Maybe Heartland should interview Husic and ask him his thoughts on such matters.

  3. In Al We Trust

    Anybody else think this has a Gore effect by giving pause to teaching opinion as fact on Al’s say so?

  4. People need only look in the mirror to find the cause of this. Parents stood by and did nothing in the early days of indoctrination, maintaining the US school system could never become an instrument of propaganda. Wrong. It could and it did, while people tried to convince themselves this was not happening. Denial works in many things–if people don’t stay alert and research what is really happening, schools can indoctrinate all they want. The same happens with gun control, chemical, CFL’s, etc. I knew children who were angry that a tree had to be cut down to get them out of a rainstorm in the mountains. They valued the trees more than themselves. If you don’t pay attention and get involved, bad things happen.

  5. How does anyone get all the way to being 17-years-old and a high school junior and this totally ignorant?

    Oh wait. They teach AGW in schools now as “fact”. Then wonder why the US is falling behind in science education. You can’t teach politico-religious views as science and expect anything except this.

  6. The subversion and indoctrination of this child should be a warning to every parent in America. It reminds me of North Korean children gathering to praise the great ‘leader’ and parrot his political propaganda. The child has convinced me there is a problem, only it’s not the CAGW nonsense, it’s the regurgitation of the ‘party’ line, combined with a apparent lack of critical thinking skills. This is nothing more than indoctrination, not education. Sorry kid, you’re being used as a pawn by despicable, unprincipled adults. This political chicanery is more complicated than you could be reasonably expected to comprehend. Good luck.

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