Agenda 21: Europe to push for World Environment Organization in Rio

UNEP on steroids.

Climatewire reports:

… The idea, years in the making and pushed initially by France, is to strengthen the Nairobi, Kenya-based U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP) in a manner that would give the agency a more explicit mandate to guide global environmental concerns. That would convert what many regard as an underfunded, backwater agency into a more robust traffic cop to watch the commons…

A closer look at the actual proposal from Europe describes the new agency as a kind of UNEP on steroids. It would have the same charter but more money and staff, as well as the centralized ability to act as “the U.N. voice for the environment.”

What this means in U.N.-speak is that the WEO would become a specialized agency with more heft in the U.N. system. UNEP, the European proposal declares, is “a body too low in the U.N. family to exert its influence.”

So the new WEO would be elevated to the level of organizations such as the International Labour Organization, the World Meteorological Organization or the World Intellectual Property Organization, the proposal says…

In other words, the idea that Europe could direct a country like Brazil to “have a green economy from now on,” even though developed nations benefited from resource extraction and fossil fuels, rubs him the wrong way, he said.

“This is interpreted very negatively in developing countries,” he said…

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  1. They are slowly but surely taking over the universe and people are totally unaware. It is insidious and awfully frustrating as it makes one feel so very inadequate and helpless. Agenda 21, it is a mystery to the majority but they are already having non obligatory smart meters being obligatorily installed. Thanks for keeping us up to date, it is chaps like you that at least give us out here some sort of voice. Even if it means locking our meter boxes so they can’t change them.

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