5 thoughts on “‘Welcome to the Global Warming Deniers Winter Games’”

  1. It’s interesting that last year’s monster blizzards on the east coast did not nullify global warming, but this year’s lack of snow verifies it.

  2. This morning in Berks County PA it was 12 deg F. Not warm but certainly colder than normal–an average winter.
    To those unfamiliar with Pennsylvania we are 45 nautical miles NW of Philadelphia. The coldest Winter in PA that I experienced was in the 1990s, at -35 deg. F.
    However, this year our only snowfall 17″, was a surprise on October 30, 2011. We have had copious rain instead.

  3. Looks more like the warmists’ winter games since they are the ones claimg that children just won’t know what winter is anymore.

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