Upcoming anti-oil, anti-skeptic doc: ‘Greedy Lying Bastards’

Though the fossil fuel industry has played a key role in raising the global standard of living to unprecednted heights, Noam Chomsky is convinced that it’s a threat to “human survival.”

The left-tilting Guardian (UK) reports,

Provocative, frank and impossible to ignore. And that’s just the title.

Craig Rosebraugh, a US filmmaker and political activist, has produced a feature-length documentary that demands to be seen. Greedy Lying Bastards is still awaiting a firm release date – sometime in 2012 is the current promise – but, if the trailer and impressive roster of interviewees are anything to go by, it’s likely to cause quite a stir.

Filmed over the past two years and across nine countries, Greedy Lying Bastards claims to be a “searing indictment of the influence, deceit and corruption that defines the fossil fuel industry”…

Below are the trailer and clips from the documentary.

One thought on “Upcoming anti-oil, anti-skeptic doc: ‘Greedy Lying Bastards’”

  1. Those critical of Fossil Fuels should just stop using them …Turn off the lights and walk …Refuse to use electricity produced by Fossil Fuels ( and probably Nukes and Hydroelectric )…Refuse to use products made from Petroleum or made in factories run by electricity generated by fossil fuels..Live in a cave and dress in natural fibers….I would very much encourage them to adapt a fossil fuel free lifestyle…This would also mean that they would need to stop shopping at grocery stores…Eat bushes….

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