U.S. military: Global warming is real

A 350.org radical points out how the military has been subverted by the greens reds.

Tim Rinne of Nebraskans for Peace and 350.org writes in the Lincoln Journal-Star,

Skeptics of human-caused climate change unremittingly contend that the science is inconclusive and the debate still is unsettled. The U.S. military, on the other hand, entertains no such doubts.

As far back as 2003, during the first term of the Bush/Cheney Administration, a specially commissioned Pentagon report titled “An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and the Implications for United States Security” warned that rapid climate change could “potentially de-stabilize the geo-political environment, leading to skirmishes, battles and even war” over scarce food, water and energy supplies. The threat of climate change, the report went on to state, needed to “be elevated beyond a scientific debate to a U.S. national security concern”…

It’s funny how the Left has no use for the military except where it can be used to advance the comrades’ political agenda.

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  1. Wow, going deep on this! A huge part of all our religious fervor is driven by fear, of death, of living in a “purposeless” universe, of being alone and conscious in an unconscious, uncaring universe! There’s “got to be more” screams from all of our religions and our incessant search for meaning. Some get their meaning from religion, from things, from science or just give up and bury themselves in drugs etc.

  2. The scientists are also is interested in the motivations of the accusers as well as the accused.
    Who would gain from either and all points of view.
    What are the long term effects of these ideas will have as to the greater needs of humanity.
    As Spock said, “We are all in the same space boat.”, “Can’t we just get along?” and my favorite line..
    “Why do you have to have all the toys?” .”Pimative man loves his children. Civilized men loves their grand children.”
    They only look for short turm gains. They will only live so long anyway.
    They burn their own house down to keep warm because they don’t see how they’ll profit from their own generosity. The tinkle-down economy just can not work.
    They fail to see the benifts of watering their own gardens.
    …and all because they are insecure about loosing their wealth that they think will bring them happiness when all that is needed is to believe, like a child does, that G-d is real and it is wonderful to have faith in H-s dream for us.
    G-d made us smart so we could be able to appreciate H-s Creation and enjoy it at the same time.
    Scientist are like H-s children that never stop asking, “Why?”
    The Universe is descernable and He created us the descern it.
    He needed an audience…

  3. Right, one thing they really don’t understand about scientists is that we are data / proof driven. Data is neither liberal or conservative but it can be misused. If ALL the information I’ve seen did’nt support the existence of global warming, I would have joined the deniers! I would really prefer that global warming wasn’t real, My evaluation of it says that all current “alarmists” are not alarmed enough! There are times when I think they should be running through the streets screaming….. But then they would just lock them up!

  4. it is pretty sad that people can believe a documentary like The Global Warming Hoax, which claims that global warming is a hype spoon fed to the masses by corporations …..( while at the same time this documentary IS funded by a think tank for Exxon)….
    and believe that our best scientists like Stephen Hawking are part of the conspiracy….
    no they don’t even know they have been hit between the eyes, let alone what did

  5. I’ma doughnut…
    Oh, to be on the front end of the animal of this conversationn, is such a treat. The nature of nature is harmony and balance. Short sightedness and greed are the opposite of faith and trust. You believe the snake oil salesman would never lie to you and will even let him have your daughter. You need to go into a forest and sit quietly, without your arsenal. Learn to have faith that G-d is in control and let go of your fear and hatred. If we do not take care of this wonderfilled world,
    H-s creation, than we will be like sword fighting on a rubber raft. There will be no survivers.

  6. heh, heh, heh, heh…touched you, did i zagoramus? you poor soul, so sensitive,,maybe you need to back off the pills a bit.. ..the thoughts whirling around in your head are jus’ part of the “Wonderland Swirl” ..kinda’ leads to distorted thinkin’ .. you know, like, communism,z good..or like those dark piles in the pasture are edible cakes ‘n such .. oh! along those lines ‘n while i’m thinkin’ ’bout it, (btw, those piles in the pasture are bull s*it) .. how ’bout tell obama i won’t be attending his ‘n michelle’s koolade party .. (is koolade one of the “healthy” drinks michelle endorses? ..jus’ reckoned you’d know)

  7. GIL? You are a sick little puppy. A poster boy for those with deflating head pressure. I propose we round up all those like yourself and force them to green jello filled with worms. Something your tiny little brain might look like under the microscope. Jesus was/is a JEW and a LIBERAL, one who believes in genorosity of greed. I bet you even scare Glenn Beckkk with your puke and spittle. Wow, you sure have an issue with reality. You should try to find other sources other than Rush, the hyper-propagandist for your information. I don’t hate you because i feel sorry that you are being used against your own best interests. You are suffering from Stockhome syndrome. Look it up! A lemming that follows too closely to the next lemming thinks the whole world smells like SH””T…

  8. Nice, advocate murder if you can’t argue the issue. Are you one of the guys that butchered the cat in Arkansas? Butchering defenseless animals and printing “liberal” on it’s skin. You people give Neanderthals a bad name!!

  9. I’ve been to Alaska and have seen the proof of the glaciers retreating. The glaciers in Glacier National park are going away so fast that there may be none left in 20 years. In Europe they have been spreading plastic sheets across theirs to slow the melting. No BS here, it is real and happening now!

  10. Well hush my mouth and don’t call me late for breakfast… You sure nuf has all the answers. We should call all the scientists together and have them worship you and the crap you’re sitting in. I’m so glad I’m up with of you.
    You don’t have a very good grasp on the processes of science nor much else. These are not my opinions. I did not put this together so don’t act so uppity. These data are compiled though the records of temperature that all sites recorded. Ever see the temperature posted in the news papers. Well, this is what they used to create the maps. You assume that with an 8th grade education that you might trust science more and the bull crap that escapes Rush, the magic, Limbo;s and Glenn Beckkk’s mouths. Do you also believe that 6,000 years ago G-d created a profoundly ancient looking universe just to fool the scientist? Do you under stand peer review and how scientist question each other proceedures and results. Try finding this on the “F” News Network. please respond with something other than a low head pressured attempt at trying to thinking for yourself.

  11. zago – if you smoke yo’ rope, you ain’t gonna’ get down offa’ the mountain – i’d really like to see those sattellite shots from 1880 .. all the opinions you cite don’t pile up to as much substance as a pile uv’ bull crap .. ‘s all colonic speculation .. i ain’t impressed…
    here’s another opinion with as much validity as yours (and much fewer words) – you’re wrong!
    well, go ahead…blah,blah,blahblah…

  12. Really?! One question about whether I’m constipated or not, makes me think you’re sub-basement dwellers. I’m a scientist and I’ve been reading up on this ever since the first global warming report, nothing I have read or seen has contradicted the fact that global warming is real and that we are seeing its effects now! Yet here we are having the same debate. Are you deniers just willfully ignorant then?

  13. Deny all you want, but articles wll still try to fight your ignorance… (Reprints)
    Experts: Thawing permafrost ‘speeding’ up warming – US news – Environment – Climate Change – msnbc.com

    Top 10 Global Warming Denier Arguments Debunked: Part 1…
    Snow in the South, ice gain in Antarctica and scientists seemingly fudging climate data: is the global warming debate over? Definitely.
    …But skeptics aren’t on the winning side. Global warming deniers have gleefully seized on recent scandals and misinterpreted data to bolster their collection of arguments, but there are these pesky things called facts that keep getting in the way of their agenda.
    …But how do you respond to that impassioned neighbor, cranky uncle or annoying cocktail party guest who uses sunspots, Al Gore’s supposed greed and a limited grasp of climate science to claim that global warming isn’t really happening? Presenting the top 10 global warming denier arguments, and the facts that thoroughly debunk them. Today’s installment features numbers 10-6 – check back with us Monday for the top 5.
    10. It’s all a hoax perpetuated by money-hungry Al Gore
    “You fools are being taken for a ride! Al Gore just made all this stuff up about ManBearPig global warming so he can roll in the Benjamins at his mansion.”

    Fact: Gore donates all of the proceeds from both the book and DVD of An Inconvenient Truth to environmental causes. He also donated 100% of his Nobel Peace Prize award as well as the salary from his venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, to the Alliance for Climate Protection.

    Al Gore isn’t the only target. Some claim that scientists “follow the money right onto the man-made global warming bandwagon.” But most funding for global warming research comes from government grants, and the money is doled out before the results are determined.

    Meanwhile, dirty energy companies and anti-climate-action groups shower scientists who are willing to argue against climate change with cash. ExxonMobil was one of the largest sources of funding for such scientists for over a decade, and purported to stop in 2008. Surprise! They lied. Recently released records show that the oil giant paid out $75,000 that year to several climate action opposition groups.

    9. But look at all the snow!

    “It’s going to keep snowing in DC until Al Gore cries ‘uncle’,” tweeted U.S. Rep. Jim DeMint (R-SC) on February 9th as a fierce winter storm dropped foot after foot of snow on the nation’s capital. “Record snowfall illustrates the obvious: The global warming fraud is without equal in modern science,” trumpeted an editorial in the conservative Washington Times. And let’s not even get started on The Donald.

    Right…because winter is never cold, and all that snow can’t possibly have anything to do with a near-record amount of moisture in the air. Meteorologist Jeff Masters explains that heavy precipitation events are increasing as the world warms, and guess what – at the freezing point and below, that means snow (and lots of it). Global warming doesn’t mean winter is going to go away.

    And guess what? The U.S. isn’t the entire world – it’s only 1.5% of the globe. The Earth’s atmosphere is getting warmer, but different climates will be affected in different ways. Local weather is becoming more volatile across the board due both to warming and normal variability, but while that has translated to more frequent, more severe snow events in North America, Brazil is experiencing a near-record heat wave at the same time.

    8. Warming is a good thing

    “Break out the grill, swimsuits and daquiri mix – a huge chunk of the world is about to turn into tropical paradise!” Okay, so not everyone using this argument paints such a laughably simplistic picture of supposed global warming benefits, but it’s still bad: many believe that global warming would be good for the Earth – and us.

    Some cite fewer winter deaths, an ice-free Northwest Passage and increases in the number of certain species. Others argue that if the climate were to cool instead, even a little bit, a feedback effect would make things worse as growing Arctic snowfields caused more sunlight to reflect away from the ground. And another Ice Age wouldn’t exactly be kind to humanity. But while a few select regions could benefit from a warmer overall climate, most of the world would suffer on a nightmarish scale, and the feedback effect applies to warming as well.

    Raging wildfires, extreme water scarcity, expanding deserts, changing ecosystems. Heatwave deaths, the spread of deadly mosquito-borne diseases, growing dead zones in the oceans, death of healthy trees and other vegetation, coral extinction. War. Climate refugees. That’s only a small fraction of the projected consequences, but it’s surely more than enough.

    7. Climate change is part of a natural cycle

    “How can we, petty little humans that we are, possibly alter something as huge in scope as the planet’s climate? After all, when you think about just how complex the Earth really is, we’re just not that important. So why should we change our habits?”

    That might have been true until about two centuries ago, when the Industrial Age came along and we first started burning massive quantities of filthy, CO2-producing coal. Since then, as technology has advanced and our population has multiplied to over 6 billion people, we’ve gotten a bit big for our britches, pushing the limits of just how much pollution we can pump into the air before seeing catastrophic global effects.

    There’s no doubt that historically, temperatures and greenhouse gas levels have fluctuated naturally, but those fluctuations are nothing compared to what we’ve seen in the past century (see charts in #6.)

    6. Temperature data is unreliable

    Skeptics like to claim that temperature records showing a warming trend are unreliable because weather stations are often located in areas that absorb and radiate heat, like rooftops and asphalt parking lots. But in reality, the Urban Heat Island Effect has had a very small influence on temperature readings and climate scientists adjust the data to account for it.

    All major temperature reconstructions for the past 1,000 years published in peer-reviewed journals show some variability in surface temperatures over centuries (above graph), with a dip in the Little Ice Age – and a huge uptick during the last century. Even if those reconstructions are excluded and we only look at the last 150 years (below graph), there’s a significant rise.

    When it comes down to it, surface temperature records are far from the only evidence of global warming. Grist notes that borehole analysis, weather balloon temperature data, satellite measurements, glacial melt observations, sea level rise and other indicators can be used completely independently of surface temps.

    Image: NYC blizzard February 26, 2010 by Sarah Ackerman

  14. You lemmings on the right who trust the most greedy industry in history, think that they will always be told the truth about our effects on this planet. Even with all the satelite data that pours in from all over the world, such as the disintagration of the icecaps, the northward migration of species, and polution that can be seen from space, you will still assume there is no reason to slow any of out activities, or at least plant some trees.

  15. GreggM: 40% of the Attic Ice sheet disappears every year! And 90% is just plain BS. Reality and truth clearly don’t cross paths with you very often.
    The Defense Department spent more time on Y2K then on this so shut up!

  16. greg…you constipated? .. seem so .. maybe a little castor oil? .. you’d porbably see things a little clearer..
    i can’t believe it! .. you folks ain’t got enough enemies? you gotta’ castigate mother nature?!
    “global warming” don’t come from cow farts ‘n diesel engines..try Nature as the source,,if it be fuh’ true…

  17. Amazing, 40% of the Arctic ice sheet has disappeared since 1960 & over 90% of the worlds glaciers are retreating and yet you deny global warnings reality. You people wouldn’t know truth if it hit you between the eyes! The military did a serious threat assessment and now you say they’re taken over by liberals. Got news for you guys, if global warming is a liberal conspiracy then you guys better find a new planet because this ones a liberal!

  18. reckon there’s anything in the military report that says cow farts ‘n diesel engines are the cause for “climate change”?

  19. This is a perversion of standard military operations. The military are routinely called upon to describe possible future scenarios, and how to deal with them. In fact, they have already in place a set of appropriate responses to visitations by extraterrestrials. Whoop-dee-doo.

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