True Colors? Gingrich goes green on Canadian power project

But Newt, it’s “clean” energy.

Talking Points Memo reports,

As the saying goes, “not in my backyard.”

In New Hampshire on Thursday, Newt Gingrich made an awkward pivot. One moment he was accusing President Obama of selling out America to the Chinese by not immediately approving the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The next moment, Newt himself was promising to block another Canadian/American energy project based on environmental concerns.

But guess which state that project happens to be in?

Gingrich told voters and reporters at events that the Northern Pass, a $1.1 billion plan to transmit hydro-energy from Quebec into New England, must be modified or he would refuse to certify it as president. Environmental groups have fought it tooth and nail, warning that a series of transmission towers that would transmit the energy through New Hampshire would despoil wilderness. According to Newt, there’s a “deep feeling in northern New Hampshire that this unnecessarily disrupts the beauty of the region” and he’s worried that it could hurt tourism.

His comments came only moments after he said Obama was “siding with environmental extremists in San Francisco” by delaying a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline and pledged to immediately fast track the project if he were elected.

Somewhat jarred by the contrast, reporters pushed Gingrich as to whether these were the same conservationist issues that he decried for delaying similar job-creating enterprises. Oddly enough, he immediately offered the Keystone case as a “parallel example” that he supports, suggesting his backing indicates he still believes in similar projects under the right circumstances. He added that because the Northern Pass crosses the border, it was his responsibility to evaluate it closely as president.

4 thoughts on “True Colors? Gingrich goes green on Canadian power project”

  1. Don’t worry, Newt’s going nowhere, so what he says has little import. IMO, he’s just a white-haired, old covert-Globalist, F–t, that was an “Anti-Romney” Tool, because the Globalists fear someone they haven’t shepparded all the way along the elective process. I don’t know what they fear, because Mitt seems to hold to many of their ideas. There are a lot of Enviro-wackos in New Hampshire, and even if they’re generally on the right/middle, elsewhere, if they make themselves known as LEFT on these issues, some RINOS(–imo, Newt, Santorum, Romney, Huntsman) are going to pander, muddying their messages, and sounding like Nobama Jr. Due to the PROBABILITY of an EMP-attack, maybe ALL cables should be encased in concrete casings like those used for water run-off/flooding, and then, buried, thereby making those safe against EMPs, but I don’t know if that is possible, to do for power lines what is done for other types of cable. The EPA might have done good work in the past, but now it’s simply trying to be an arm of the Foreign, criminal-Elitist-Globalist-Power, the Bilderbergers, as they seek to destroy the economy of the US, so as to further World Governance, Soviet-Socialist-style. As Bush, Nobama, and all recent presidents have been vetted by the Globalists, US politics seems to be a “two-card-monte” of RINO Republicrats, and Mao-ist Demicans, as Dr.Michael Savage has so elequently stated, in print & radio. Romney may be an independent(–is using his money), but he’s certainly playing as a RINO in certain areas, which will make getting the vote out, difficult, because Conservatives WIN National Elections, but the Conservative Voter has to feel he really has a stake, or he’ll stay home, re-electing Nobama.

  2. I know that as a Southerner used to bright sun and warm climates, whenever I want to get away from all that and go freeze in the dark, the first place I think of taking a vacation is New Hampshire.

  3. Gingrich is very adept at talking out of both sides of his ass. I think there is something seriously wrong in the US that you could, a) elect such a dangerous narcissist as your current emperor, and b) even entertain the possibility of having Gingrich take his place … then again, it has been said that you get the leaders you deserve. What you do deserve is to have a president who will raise a nicotine-stained finger to the eco-freaks and set about drilling on every square inch of the US and tap into every barrel of oil and every bubble of gas. Palin for energy secretary? Now, if only someone could clone Reagan….

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