Taylor: New Emissions Data Dampen Global Warming Fears

We must disagree with our friend James Taylor.

The Heartland Institute’s Taylor writes at Forbes:

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions continue to track lower than year 2000 levels, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported on Monday, extending this century’s downward trend in U.S. emissions. The new data rebut assertions that the United States needs to impose new restrictions on coal-fired power plants and other sources of carbon dioxide emissions.

Interestingly, EIA reports U.S. emissions rose more than 15% during the eight years of the Clinton-Gore administration but have declined since.

The primary reason for emissions remaining on a downward trajectory this century is the increasing number of natural gas-fired power plants…

A few points, James:

  • Skeptics have no fears of global warming. The alarmists only fearmonger to advance their political and /or financial agendas. So no fears have been dampened.
  • While the U.S. economy has been getting more efficient for decades, a lot of the decline in emissions is probably due to a poor economy and a shifting of manufacturing elsewhere.
  • There is no need to slam coal to in order to praise gas.

Read Taylor’s entire commentary.

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