Snow drought in the U.S.?

Not so fast says meteorologist Joe D’Aleo.‘ D’Aleo concludes in his analysis:

…This is likely to fall far short of the top 5 this year, but the trends in the big cities and hemisphere are up not down. AND the winter will turn more active given the redevelopment of blocking.

Most of the traditional La Nina snowy areas will do better starting the rest of this month. Last winter most of the action came early ending in early February. This year will be the opposite. DC will likely have to wait for the next El nino (2012/13?) to cash in. But then again AGWers have it covered either way.

Click for D’Aleo’s entire analysis.

One thought on “Snow drought in the U.S.?”

  1. Good grief, the USA is the only place where I have experienced real snow!! I come from a country where there is only snow in the mountains such as the Snowy Mountains and the Dandenong Ranges. I did not experience snow until I lived in Ohio during 1984-85.

    Fairborn Ohio really turned it on with a record low temperature of -28F, and lots of snow, including a blizzard of some severity… yet we did not have a white Christmas… oh well.

    It should be a given that the pattern will change from one year to the next without the alarmists jumping to conclusions that the snow is going to disappear. It is not going to happen so fast or soon.

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