Skeptic Wins Global Warming Bet

Warming. Cooling. Who Cares? The issue is causation.

Reason’s Ron Bailey reports,

In 2008, Research Institute for Global Change climate modeller James Annan and David Whitehouse, an astrophysicist who is a scientific advisor with the Global Warming Policy Foundation in Britain bet a £100 that, using the HadCrut3 data set, there would be no new global temperature record set by 2011. The HadCrut3 data set is put together by the Hadley Centre’s Climatic Research Centre in Britain. The bet was made at the instigation of the BBC radio program “More or Less.” The result?

Whitehouse has won…

Read Bailey’s full report.

One thought on “Skeptic Wins Global Warming Bet”

  1. The problem with AGW scepticism is that you’re bound to bring in the lunatic conspiracy theorists. That’s the reason why magazines such as New Scientists claimed that AGW sceptics were “denialists of the truth”. That to me is just as crazy as CTs; most AGW sceptics are just ordinary people who just want to live life without a carbon tax. Sorry for the off topic post, but conspiracy theories are probably one of the reasons why AGW is rarely opposed.

    Don’t worry. We’ll win the next round. Soon AGW will die just as the crazy theories of the 1970’s did. At least, we hope…

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