8 thoughts on “Sierra Club TV ad: Carbon dioxide emissions cause death, asthma and brain damage”

  1. Yes. I agree. Sierra club exec’s have suffered brain damage. Not sure it is from CO2, but they do have a disconnect from reality. This may be normal liberal dementia, and it may have human induced organic influences.

    Do not despair o ye of diminished mental capacity.There is rehabilitation awaiting you. Obamacare will provide treatment for the charlatan crusaders for the destruction of America free of charge. Happily paid for by the long suffering taxpayers of The United States of America.

  2. Political speech cannot be censored, even if it is completely false. This is unquestionably political.

  3. This “clearly” demonstrates the incredible strides that HAVE been made when it comes to stack emissions and all forms of air pollution. Of course, to hear to those knuckleheads, you’d think there has been nothing done about air emissions EVER in history. What do they think EPA has been doing for the last 40 years? It is extremely difficult to find any stack with visible emissions anymore. What good that has been done with many of the environmental regulation, is now being undermined by the radical extremists that seek to inhibit or dare I say, harm US and other western economic interests.
    Just remember , carbon dioxide is PLANT FOOD.

  4. When viewed on a geological timescale, CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere are at all time lows. There’s barely enough now to maintain plant life. We need more of it, not less. Silly environmental buggers.

  5. This should be a great opportunity for a lawsuit under CA laws that prohibit false advertising, etc. Perhaps the Pacific Legal Foundation can use the TV ad to enrich its treasury.

  6. So, Sierra Club believes that emissions of water vapor are harmful. It is clear from the appearance of the stack emissions that the predominant emission is water vapor. Look for the clear gap between the top of the stack and the bottom of the visible plume. What you are not seeing is steam, which is invisible. As the outer edges of the plume mix with cooler ambient air the plume cools and steam condenses to form tiny droplets of condensed water, which is visible. This is a favorite trick of the Lame Stream Media. I believe that they use it because either they are unable to find a stack that is releasing visible pollutants, or they are too lazy to look for one, or they are too ignorant to realize what they are doing.

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