Should News Corps’ Anti-Climate Stance Impact its CSR Rating?

News Corp.’s “zero-carbon” policy doesn’t offset Fox News/Wall Street Journal skepticism, says Bahar Gidwani.

Gidwani writes at

… The authors point out that News Corporation has set a goal to be “zero carbon” and therefore climate neutral. But at the same time, the editorial side of News Corporation’s media properties has taken an anti-climate-change stance.

The authors describe a few of the ways in which a large company such as News Corporation could have actively pushed for positive change. They ask why ratings firms (including some who are our partners) don’t include “corporate activism” as one of the ways they measure corporate social responsibility (CSR).

It may sound smug, but we agree with this article and hope that our CSRHub ratings do make this adjustment…

Read Gidwani’s entire commentary.

One thought on “Should News Corps’ Anti-Climate Stance Impact its CSR Rating?”

  1. If a news organization questioned the need for prohibition, would it be considered socially irresponsible? When it was being enacted, probably so. Then again, the harm caused by alcohol is greater and more demonstrable than that caused by carbon dioxide.

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