Reverend: CO2 emitters don’t love God

He could have meant skeptics — it’s so hard to tell what the confused mean to say.

Michigan NPR reports in “Breaking through to climate change skeptics“:

… Reverend Richard Cizik is the president of the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good. He says a decade ago… he just didn’t believe climate change was happening.

“I was dismissive and ridiculed, like millions of others did, Al Gore and his book Earth in the Balance. So I was a skeptic, a denial-ist, a scoffer if you will. But I changed.”

He says he changed his mind when he went to a conference at Oxford University and learned about the science.

“It was simply an exposure for the very first time to the facts of climate change and the reality which is that the earth will change as a result forever in ways we don’t even fully comprehend today.”

But Reverend Cizik says when he talks to young Evangelicals… he doesn’t use science as a starting point.

“My message really isn’t to persuade anybody of the science of climate change which I do believe. It’s rather to persuade them of their own biblical responsibility – if they call themselves a believer. There’s no way you can love God and your neighbor if you’re polluting his or her air“…

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  1. If the “well-and-Satanically-deluded,imo” ‘Rev’ went to Oxford, or ANYWHERE in Socialist-Britain, he was, imo, brain-washed. The Globalists favor the Earth-goddess, Gaia, which is probably a Demoness of Satan, if she even exists. The Fabian Socialists were one of the first groups that had Marx at its core, and they were British! Certainly, Jesus would have wanted clean air and water, but without much industry inthe Holy land, the air and water was not polluted by industry. It was polluted by sewage, as without sewage-treatment plants, diseases like Cholera were frequent. Sewers were mere shallow ditches dug in the centers of a street, and housewives would have gathered the human offal of the night-before, yell a warning, and throw it out a window into the street, hopefully NOT on some person walking by, and hopefully reaching the center-ditch with most of the “nightsoil”. Sewage treatment gives us potible water. However, many Greens hope to take water to near-distilled levels–quite un-necessary to go that far for drinking water. IF… chemicals leach into our water, or even nuclear-waste, there are filters, and cleansing processes that are much cheaper on a taxpayer, if he buys them, himself, rather than pay a govt employee $50K/yr to “Nanny-him”, and then get the very expensive water bills like they have in the EU (can be as much as electricity). We ought to first start with the Govts. “poisoning” us with Floride, which only makes teeth & bones harder-but-MORE-brittle,–more likely to shatter, than to “chip” and have “give.” In certain quarters of cities, the air had wood-smoke in it, because that’s how food was cooked, and heat was produced,via wood in a hearth. With modern appliances, we don’t have to worry about that, now. The Jews emphasized cleanliness, in all areas. It was possible to avoid pollution by escaping the cities, and living on a farm. In this era, Water treatment, although vunerable to terror-attack, is now very sophisticated without resorting to all the expense the Greens/Eco-Nazis would want to add, to no significant change in air or water quality.

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