Report: ‘Fuel additive’ used in French breast implants

If true, the additives are likely on important with respect to rupturing, not breast cancer.

Agence France Presse reports,

French breast implant manufacturer PIP used an untested fuel additive in its now-banned implants that have triggered a worldwide scare, French radio station RTL reported Monday.

RTL said it obtained an exact breakdown of the materials used in the faulty implants, including Baysilone, Silopren and Rhodorsil, all of which are industrial products never tested or approved for clinical use.

The products, used in the oil or rubber industries, allegedly caused the silicone gel implants to have a high rupture rate…

Rhodorsil contains quartz, which is a human carcinogen according to IARC. But the exposure rout is inhalation and the type of cancer is lung cancer — so even if you could inhale a breast implant, that would still not explain the alleged link between the implants and breast cancer.

Baysilone, Siloprenand their components are not listed by IARC as carcinogens.

3 thoughts on “Report: ‘Fuel additive’ used in French breast implants”

  1. These implants have been inserted into patients for 10 years. Cancer is a chronic disease that can occur at any stage of life. It’s simply unknown whether there will be high, emergent incidences of cancer in these patients at some later stage in their lifetimes.

    Also, just because a chemical is not on the IARC list does not mean it is not a carcinogen. That database will never be exhaustive. Indeed, there’s probably not been a situation where these chemicals have ever been exposed to humans/tests, so one cannot say one way or the other — the best recourse is caution.

  2. Cancer is not the only debilitating disease in the world and who really knows what damage the ingredients will do to these women. As for your last comment, suggesting that the death of such women wouldn’t be a loss is disgusting and shameful. Work for PIP did you? Moron.

  3. Indeed lot’s of ruptures. Not a single valid link between an implant and cancer has been established. Then again one could argue that any stupid enough to put foreign objects in their body for mere cosmetic reasons won’t be a great loss to society.

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