Report: An end to GM crop development for Europe

North Carolina could use the jobs.

The Financial Times reports,

BASF, the German chemical giant, is to pull out of genetically modified plant development in Europe and relocate it to the US, where political and consumer resistance to GM crops is not so entrenched.

The headquarters of BASF Plant Science will move from Limburgerhof in south-west Germany to Raleigh, North Carolina, and two smaller sites in Germany and Sweden will close. The company will transfer some GM crop development to the US but stop work on crops targeted at the European market – four varieties of potato and one of wheat…

Plant scientists Europewide lamented BASF’s announcement. “The psychological damage is that it will tell the next young people who might want to go into plant science that they can’t bring anything exciting to market,” said Professor Jonathan Jones, a senior researcher at The Sainsbury Lab in Norwich, UK. “And it also discourages government support if [GM technology] is not going to be deployed in Europe.”

Some environmental campaigners welcomed the decision, however. “This is another nail in the coffin for genetically modified foods in Europe,” said Adrian Bebb of Friends of the Earth…

Read the entire FT report.

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