Puerto Ricans oppose ‘el tubo de la muerte’ (tube of death)

It’s actually a gas pipeline that would reduce the price of electricity.

IPS reports,

As Puerto Rico seeks to lower soaring utility rates while simultaneously shifting toward cleaner energy sources, it faces grassroots opposition to two major projects even though at least one is 100-percent renewable.

Objections to the projects – a natural gas pipeline and wind installation – revolve mostly around their locations, underlining the complex interests involved in actually implementing changes to the island’s power grid.

The pipeline would start on the island’s south coast, head northwards through the central mountain range and the ecologically delicate karstic zone, and then eastwards into the densely populated San Juan metropolitan area.

Dubbed “Vía Verde” (Green Way) by the government-owned Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) and “el tubo de la muerte” (the tube of death) by its opponents, the project is more generally known as “el gasoducto” (the gas duct or pipeline)…

Read the entire IPS report.

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