Pastors: ‘Where would Jesus frack?’

Just humoring these two, since the Bible says that God plans on calling in an airstrike on Earth and starting over anyway, why would Jesus care where we frack?

The Standard-Journal (Milton, PA) reports,

Two local pastors are taking part in a rally today in Harrisburg to voice their concerns about the impact the Marcellus Shale industry could have on the health and environment in Central Pennsylvania.

The Rev. Ricky Phillips, of Mazeppa Union Church and St. John’s Church of Dry Valley in Winfield, and the Rev. Leah Schade, of United in Christ Lutheran Church near West Milton, recently joined forces to form the Interfaith Sacred Earth Coalition of the Susquehanna Valley…

“I’m a Ph.D. candidate at the Lutheran seminary in Philadelphia,” Schade noted. “My research is on preaching and ecological theology… I approach this issue of the Marcellus Shale from a theological perspective.”

With that statement, Schade opened up a sweater she was wearing over a clergy shirt which had the words “Where would Jesus frack?” written on it.

“The Marcellus Shale issue is very much a justice issue from the perspective of God’s creation,” Schade said…

4 thoughts on “Pastors: ‘Where would Jesus frack?’”

  1. WTF….Where To Frack ?….What the Frack…..Who to Frack…When to Frack…In short, the US should Frack itself back into energy independence….Frack the environmentalists..

  2. never hear such a pile of junk in my life. Fracking has been going on for over fifty years with no know problems. They even frack water wells. Injecting water and sand into the ground thousand of feet below the surface does not cause problems. There are far worst chemicals in the drilling fluid that the racking compounds. A lot of Drilling fluid have a starch base and need to be treated so the bacteria in the ground will not consume it. Gas in water well predates drilling for oil. There is a fountain on South Dakota state capital grounds that spews hot water and gas. the fountain burns. It been doing it for over fifty years.

  3. Whether opposition to fracking in the Marcellus Shale is based on junk science is a moot question. Adequate information has never been given to the people of Pennsylvania concerning this life-changing issue. Government, neither state nor federal, universities, and the gas-drilling industry itself have only selectively revealed facts while withholding other information. They have emphasized positive predictions and minimized negative ones.. In attempts to acquire leases, companies or their agents have not revealed the contents of fracking fluid, have played down or withheld the fact that fracking is exempted from the restrictions of the Clear Air and Clear Water Acts (by what is known as “the Halliburton Loophole”) have withheld that 20-ft wide clear cuts are made wherever gas pipelines are laid through woods, groves, and forests, withheld the noise and air pollution issues involved with compressor stations, perhaps the most repellant element in the whole network.
    The science of gas drilling in Pennsylvania is deceptively represented according to where the money and power is, and only a little bit by those who oppose the industry for health, property, aesthetic, recreational, or spiritual reasons. The former are not only involved in junk science; they promote deception and overwhelm debate. PA’s governor was propelled to victory by campaign donations of over $900.000 by the gas industry. Penn State released an early and highly positive study funded by the gas industry. The gas industry supports broadcasts of Penn State sports. It makes charitable donations. It lobbies and dines legislators. There is no scientific debate going on here. One can only hope that Junk Science can with objectivity report the truth on this issue. Where Jesus would frack is a moral question, not a scientific one. But in this case, the moral question reveals that honest, objective science has been quarantined or derided in Pennsylvania by powerful forces.

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