Obama jobs council: What global warming?

The President’s Council on Competitiveness has issued it’s 2011 report — it’s pro-coal and no mention of “global warming,” “climate change” or “greenhouse gases.”

As to the pro-fossil fuels part, the report states,

The United States is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. We have a sufficient supply of traditional fos- sil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas to provide us with energy for generations to come…

As a nation, we need to take advantage of all our natural resources to spur economic growth, create jobs and reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil. First, we should allow more access to oil, natural gas and coal opportunities on federal lands…

In addition, policies that encourage rapid lease development while emphasizing the highest safety standards will ensure companies responsibly drill for natural gas or oil and mine for coal or other our minerals in federal areas in a timely manner…

The Council believes we need policies that encourage private companies to invest in R&D and the deployment of new power generation technologies such as wind, solar, advanced nuclear and coal gasification…

As to climate change, the two times the word “climate” is used in the report, it’s in the context of business climate. Greenhouse gases aren’t mentioned at all. “Carbon capture” is mentioned only once as a technology with “enormous potential.”

Not surprisingly, the enviros are disappointed about the report’s fossil fuel advocacy. According to Greenwire,

“They got it half right,” said Athan Manuel, director of lands protection at the Sierra Club. “We understand the practicality of fossil fuels being with us for a while, but we think they should be doing more to encourage renewables.”

Other environmentalists said proposals to increase fossil fuel production should be expected from a council of business executives. The president’s 27-member jobs council is chaired by General Electric Co. CEO Jeffrey Immelt and includes the executives of a power company, a major railroad and labor union.

And of course, the irony with Immelt is that General Electric was a founding member of the now defunct U.S. Climate Action Partnership, which played a lead role in advocating for cap-and-trade.

Click for the report.

3 thoughts on “Obama jobs council: What global warming?”

  1. “…proposals to increase fossil fuel production should be expected from a council of business executives.”

    Well I should hope so. Those proposals would help the economy (something business executives know about) vice being a drain like curent renewables.

  2. And proposals to “encourage renewables” should be expected from a group of people with no scientific, engineering, or business expertise at the Sierra Club. Is “director of lands protection” even a real job? Sounds as pompus and ridiculous as “defender of the universe” I mean do they really protect lands, or just issue press releases?

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