8 thoughts on “Obama SOTU vs. Mitch Daniels Response: Who won?”

  1. Hey guys stop this ridiculous political fight where there will be no winners. Keep your country in mind. I am not American but have experience decades provide. As in everyday life extremes cancel out though the right path to follow is always the middle. In other words you have to have both to run a successful country; strength & fairness-for your enemies and your countrymen. I have always wondered if American millionaires would like to live outside the US- and spend their money there. I think the answer is NEVER. Then why not take care of their own country to overcome economical crisis and… live happily forever- where they would like to spend the rest of their lives? Don’t you people ever lose Capitalism as a way to reach happiness because you will lose freedom in the process. Don’t politicians make same selfish mistake that greed provoked economic crisis. You have to recover back your country.

  2. You really didn’t listen to Daniel’s response, did you? Obama lies very well but he’ll never be able to out-do a man with the character and background of Mitch Daniels.

  3. JT You live in outer space. Daniel’s made Mouch look like what he is, a liar and full of himself.

  4. I won. I skipped the SOTU and rely and watched a movie instead. That way I didn’t have to listen to politicians lie and pundits spin.

  5. Daniels’ response was either completely disconnected from reality or was a response to a completely different speech. Obama handed him his lunch.

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