Obama SOTU: Clean energy to be shoved down military’s throat

Will Navy SEALs be cross-trained in solar panel repair and turbine-whacked endangered bat identification?

In his State of the Union address, Obama said,

And I’m proud to announce that the Department of Defense, the world’s largest consumer of energy, will make one of the largest commitments to clean energy in history – with the Navy purchasing enough capacity to power a quarter of a million homes a year.

Because buying clean energy is the Navy’s mission.

3 thoughts on “Obama SOTU: Clean energy to be shoved down military’s throat”

  1. “… a quarter of a million homes a year”. I think Obama is using a “million home” unit of power instead of Megawatt or Gigawatt because he thinks we’re too stupid to understand those units. That’s condescending. I know what a Gigawatt is already, now I have to read my electric bill to figure out how much an average home uses over a year’s time. Who is the intended audience anyway?

  2. Housing is not exactly the Navy’s core business. This just goes to show that Obama will force his purely academic and unrealistic energy fantacies on anyone he has power over. The DOD has no say in the matter. I wonder if it would even happen if they did. Given Obama’s track record on SOTU promises, I doubt it will even happen anyway.

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