NYTimes: In Defense of Clean Energy

Here’s how the New York Times could possibly try to defend clean energy.

The New York Times editorializes in “In Defense of Clean Energy”:

…The lengthy Republican investigation into the failure of a single solar energy company, Solyndra, has already raised doubts about the value and integrity of a multibillion-dollar federal program designed to support renewable energy development. Mr. Obama had the right response: The failure of some public investments to pan out was not reason enough to abandon clean energy or “cede the wind or solar or battery industry to China or Germany.” It’s an argument he will have to keep making…

The correct response, however, would be examples of clean energy success stories — if there are any — rather than vague assertions of what constitutes sound reasoning.

Read the Times‘ entire editorial.

4 thoughts on “NYTimes: In Defense of Clean Energy”

  1. Green energy is myth, in potential, cost, and viability as a primary energy producer. That aside, it is not the business of the government to use taxpayer dollars in attempts to pick winners with loan guarantees and subsidies while having an energy policy that is based on shortages, high cost and eventual rationing.

  2. The real benchmark should be – name ONE alternate energy company that has succeeded WITHOUT governmental subsidy of some sort !!

    Some will point to successful GE wind turbines BUT there would NOT be a single one of these in operation anywhere in the world WITHOUT significant governmental guarantees – read sucker taxpayer subsidies.

    Without unsustainable subsidy “sustainable” energy sources will ultimately fail – the prime guarantee for this is the necessity for backup generation which can supply full demand – ultimately the public will wonder about the folly of renewables.

  3. The writers for the NYT must be living in another planet. Where is the $5 trillion green energy economy? Is it last year or since 1977? Our country is littered with failed solar and wind projects from the Carter administration. Now the NYT wants us to repeat this folly! Let NYT and readers who believe them pay for it.

    There is not one renewable energy–solar, wind, biofuels, and electric vehicles–that is economicaly practical and can exist without government cash subsidies, loan guarentees that leave the government holding the bag, and mandates forcing our citizens to use and pay for these failures.

    If you total annual payments by governments for renewable energy and put in the costs of propaganda(global warming scare, we are running out of fossil fuels, etc.) to justify these expenditures the taxpayers are losing more than $100 billion. Total losses for the U. S. and the rest of the world would total $5 trillion mentioned in the NYT article.

    Anyone studying renewable energy expansion in Europe sees the financial ruin using these choices. All are failures.

    America Awake!! We are heading to bankruptcy by unsustainable debt. Pursuing renewable energy sources will guarentee this happening.

    I personally have over $100,000 in series EE bonds. I will not be happy if I am offered 30 cents on the dollar for these bonds in the future. This is what is happening now to those who own Greece debt.

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