NOAA flunks own ‘climate literacy’ test

NOAA employees today were asked to participate in a Climate Knowledge Survey.

You apparently get an “A” if you believe in the unscientific Nonsensus.

The NOAA e-mail is below.

Click for the Climate Knowledge Survey.

Click for the Climate Needs Assessment Survey.

Click for the Climate Knowledge Survey Answer Key.




Climate has connections to many scientific and societal issues. To characterize NOAA’s level of climate literacy and assess interest in climate training materials and other resources, a NOAA climate capacity-building team has been established. The team’s overall goal is to enhance the ability of NOAA staff to effectively communicate about climate science.

As part of this process, I encourage you to consider completing the team’s Climate Knowledge and Needs Assessment Surveys by February 15. The first survey characterizes the current level of climate literacy among respondents, and the second assesses the need for climate-related professional development resources or opportunities. Each survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and your responses will be completely anonymous. You can access the surveys by clicking here:

Climate Knowledge Survey

Needs Assessment Survey

The capacity-building team will use the survey results to identify and provide opportunities for NOAA staff to become more conversant about NOAA’s climate products, information, and services.

Your participation in these surveys will greatly assist with this NOAA-wide effort. Participation in these surveys and taking advantage of future opportunities is voluntary. If you have any questions or comments about the surveys or the goals of this climate team, please contact Diane Stanitski at 301-427-XXXX or

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “NOAA flunks own ‘climate literacy’ test”

  1. Both the Climate Knowledge Survey and Climate Needs Assessment Survey have been temporarily removed “to resolve some technical issues” !! Reading the Answer Key it is obvious that the warmist answers are the only ones considered “correct”!

  2. Q12c “most of the heat added to the earth’s climate system over the last five decades has been absorbed by the ocean” the correct answer is given as True

    This is spectacularly wrong because of SURFACE TENSION. SURFACE TENSION blocks heat transfer from atmosphere to ocean. The only heat in the ocean is as a result of the sun’s rays which penetrate the Surface Tension no ptoblem. The ocean follows the sun and only the sun.

    At most surface tension could affect evaporative cooling but it is not a thermal barrier as you seem to imagine. –Ed.

  3. Or, could this test be a survey, to discover how many skeptics/denialists are on the staff? Worse still, if the test was administered by computer, likely NASA can trace skeptics via their workstations. Either way, a pogrom might ensue.

  4. This should be called an Indoctrination Assesment. Failing this test will result in immediate enrollment in a climate re-education camp.

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