Ninth Circuit delays (kills?) coal railroad jobs in Montana

It’s a good thing we don’t need the jobs, energy or economic development.

Greewire reports,

A federal appeals court ruled late last week that the federal government needs to take a closer look at the potential environmental impacts of a proposed 130-mile railroad project that would transport coal through Montana.

The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the federal Surface Transportation Board (STB) had failed to carry out the required “hard look” at several environmental issues raised by the Tongue River Railroad project as required under the National Environmental Policy Act.

STB approved the project — backed by the Tongue River Railroad Co. — in 2007 over the objection of conservation groups, including the Northern Plains Resource Council, and local ranchers.

The railroad in southeastern Montana would haul coal from new mines in the Ashland area to the main line at Miles City. Opponents of coal mining have sought to derail the railroad project as part of a multi-pronged strategy to prevent further coal development, particularly at the proposed Otter Creek mine.

Thursday’s ruling means STB will now have to carry out a new environmental review before the railroad project can proceed.

“It’s basically back to square one” in terms of the environmental analysis, said Patrick Parenteau, a law professor at Vermont Law School who is assisting the challengers. He predicted it would be “two years or more” before STB issues a new decision.

Writing for a unanimous three-judge panel, Judge Milan Smith wrote that STB failed to take into account the cumulative impact of the railroad when combined with anticipated coalbed methane development and new coal mining at Otter Creek… [Emphasis added]

Click for the 9th circuit ruling.

2 thoughts on “Ninth Circuit delays (kills?) coal railroad jobs in Montana”

  1. As the “9th Jerket-Court of Schlu-meils”(–Dr.Michael Savage), ARE… “WAR”-ing…against jobs/work/industry, they could be considered, “Terrorists!” Since they are “terrorists”, they could be imprisoned in Guantanemo. –Or Afganistan, or Pakistan, where water-boarding/torture are legal. They would NOT be charged, and they’d NOT appear before their peers! They Could be executed, as some U.S. citizens already have been. If they were sent to Nigeria, if no one cooked for them, they’d starve to death–kind of what their decisions are doing to the Montana miners and their families. What the 9th won’t admit is they’re frightened*of Nobama. Nobama doesn’t want any coaling done in the US, so He doesn’t CARE, either. — frightened* –ALL judges at all levels, are NOW frightened of NoBama. They could “disappear”, too, since his 12/31/2011 signing of “Tyranny over all”, with his specially-requested sections 1021 & 1022, in the Defense Appropriations bill. I think only Thomas could oppose him, and would, but as all this stuff is SECRET, it’ll NEVER COME BEFORE the Stu-preme Court, so even Thomas is screwed, as are we all! The German Judges…of the Nazi-era, WERE AFRAID…of Hitler, and under that fear, they had a hand in the murder of ALL those Jews, Christians, & Gypsies, because those murdered were rounded-up under LAW. The Deportations were legal, under then-German law. Now, WE, HAVE a “Nazi-law”. I maintain, the Stu-preme Court Justices are: STUPID, Globalist(–which means Stupid AND criminal), Criminal, and are providing co-option/Accessories… to eventual mass murder. NOW…comes the Deluge… (No doubt I’m a “terrorist” for pointing this out)

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