New Public Health Crisis: ‘Ubiquity of food’

Yikes! “Food is everywhere…”

The Financial Times reports:

… The US Centers for Disease Control released a study last week showing that obesity rates in the US have levelled off in the past 12 years after decades of climbing steadily. However, the rates remain high, with more than a third of adults and almost 17 per cent of children obese.

The broader problem was the increasing “ubiquity of food”, said Mr Farley. “Food is everywhere you turn,” he said. “It’s in pharmacies, in hardware stores.”

New CDC data were no cause for celebration, he added. “Although there has been some encouraging data on obesity, it is still an epidemic. It’s plateauing at an extraordinarily high level.”

4 thoughts on “New Public Health Crisis: ‘Ubiquity of food’”

  1. “Centers for Disease Control ” says it all. Their entire raison d’être is to control diseases. To justify their existence they must find (or manufacture) diseases that need to bo be controlled.
    If anybody even knew the proximal cause of obesity in any single case, it could be *cured*.
    But cures are not in their mission objective – control is.

  2. At the same time, other activists put up billboards about hunger. I’ve seen recent U.S. ads talking about the ubiquity of kids going to bed hungry in the U.S. No doubt some kids are hungry and some kis are fat. As far as ubiquity, I’d have to go with the availability of food over hunger for even the poor. As far as hunger in the U.S., it’s much more likely a case of neglect than cause for concern about a society that fosters hunger. Hunger activism in the U. S. is a political strawman and/or activists in need of a bleeding heart.

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