New Oppression: ‘Energy Victims’

What will the greens think of next?

In “Obama’s green tint signals shift to campaign mode“, Reuters reports:

Obama may have another advantage this year on the green front: a surge in voters who never before considered themselves to be environmentalists.

Frances Beinicke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, sees a clear and recent shift, starting with reaction to the massive BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the localized concerns about water contamination in the natural gas drilling boom and the worry about oil spills in the Canada-to-Texas Keystone pipeline.

“There are more and more affected people, by what our energy policies are, all over the country,” Beinicke said. “They haven’t ever experienced that before and didn’t expect to be an energy victim … And these people are saying, ‘I’m not an environmentalist, but this is happening to me.’

4 thoughts on “New Oppression: ‘Energy Victims’”

  1. They are counting voters that don’t exist. They are extrapolating from the claims of environmental activist groups.

  2. Dear Frances Beinicke,

    You are absolutely right!

    It was the wakening that I live in energy poverty….that made me an environmentalist 🙂

  3. I would think if you asked peole why they considered themselves to be “energy victims” it would be because the just filled up their gas tank and it cost more than $50.

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