Murdock: Romney runs hot and cold on global warming

“Willard Mitt Romney these days could not be more explicit about abandoning President Barack Obama’s carbon-dioxide restrictions.”

Deroy Murdock continues for Scripps Howard:

“Irresponsibly,” Romney wrote in an Aug. 28 op-ed for Foster’s Daily Democrat in New Hampshire, the Environmental Protection Agency “declared carbon dioxide, the same carbon dioxide that humans exhale, to be a ‘pollutant’ that poses risks to human health.” He also observed: “Congress had the good sense not to compound our economic challenges by imposing cap-and-trade’s extraordinary costs on the American people.”

Romney’s website offers this carbon-friendly promise: “Mitt Romney will eliminate the regulations promulgated in pursuit of the Obama administration’s costly and ineffective anti-carbon agenda.”

Well, surprise, surprise! Unlike this conservative aria, Romney sang a totally different tune as Massachusetts’ liberal Republican governor…

Americans who thirst for leadership driven by principles rather than polls should go see “The Iron Lady.” Meryl Streep, the finest actress in recorded history, masterfully portrays former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In the film, Her Majesty’s head of government dominates the United Kingdom, steady in her conservative convictions and convincing as she communicates them. As America drifts among the waves like a faded Champagne cork, these memories of Thatcher’s rule trigger goose bumps.

America now ponders someone who is flexible on virtually everything — even the air we breathe. Clearly no Iron Lady, Romney is the Man of Foil.

Read Murdock’s entire commentary.

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  1. Well, we know he’s not a man of his word, so it will be a while before I am filled with joy.

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