McEwen: EPA’s $21m won’t fix Valley’s toxic air

Bill McEwen: Show us the bodies.

Fresno bess columnist McEwen asserts:

The Environmental Protection Agency this morning will announce that it’s sending $21 million to help clean the air in the smoggy San Joaquin Valley and elsewhere in California.

In addition, the federal agency will roll out its plan for protecting the health of Valley residents with an emphasis on air and water quality, enforcement of public health standards and environmental justice.

Better late than never, I suppose…

This $21 million, while welcome, is a drop in the bucket of what’s needed in a region notorious for high asthma rates and premature deaths linked to air pollution… [Emphasis added]

Cm’on, Bill. Show us an asthma case or a premature death actually linked with “air pollution.” Or don’t you have a good journalist’s inherent skepticism?

If your mother says she loves you, check it out.

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One thought on “McEwen: EPA’s $21m won’t fix Valley’s toxic air”

  1. Nobody mentioned “Central Valley Fever” or Coccidioidomycosis, which is a fungus in the soil which affects the lungs and causes an asthma-like problem with breathing that is probably mistaken for air pollution by activists. My uncle died from it. By the way, I’ve heard an unconfirmed story that much of the air pollution in the San Joaquin Valley originates in the San Francisco bay area and is blown into the bowl-like San Joaquin, so whose fault is it (if true) and who should the EPA attack with meaningless regulations? Let’s close down Frisco!

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