Markey attacks gas exports in bid to hurt coal — and help chemicals?

Here’s some common ground for competing fossil fuel interests.

The coal industry is threatened by the shale gas industry. But the shale gas industry is threatened by its own success — too much gas has caused a glut and low prices.

The solution? Export the excess gas supply. That would help both the coal and gas industries — win-win. Enter Ed Markey.

Markey has Market to Chuwritten to Energy Secretary Steven Chu complaining that a recent and pending Energy Department approvals for exporting liquified natural gas (LNG) would,

… slow our transition from dirtier fuels [i.e., coal]

If we didn’t know that Markey was such a green, we might suspect that he was doing the gas glut-loving chemical industry’s bidding as he also says,

Beyond electricity markets, higher natural gas prices could also hurt the competitiveness of U.S. businesses that use natural gas in manufacturing such as plastics, chemicals, fertilizers, and more.

3 thoughts on “Markey attacks gas exports in bid to hurt coal — and help chemicals?”

  1. It’s republicans like Jeff Semons who ran this country’s economy into the ditch during the 2000′s, not people like Ed Markey. When Democrats like Ed Markey were running the show in the 1990′s this country saw one of the greatest economic booms in history of the U.S., you could even say the history of the World. In the 2000′s Republicans like Jeff Semons shipped millions of good paying jobs overseas, then opened up our borders and encouraged illegal immigrants to invade this country and take alll the entry level jobs that use to go to kids in their teens and early 20′s who weren’t ready or weren’t interested in college. Also, although there are certainly exceptions businessmen generally don’t make very good politicians. Look at Bush – terrible governor of texas and even worse President of the U.S. Semon is the problem, not the solution. I trust Markey on this issue, not Semons.

  2. If you’d like to see Ed Markey voted out of office. Please visit Jeff Semon is a businessman and running against Rep. Markey in Massachusetts 5th district. Career politicians like Ed Markey (who was elected in 1976 the year Jeff was born) are completely out of touch with how the economy works and need to go. Please help make that happen by supporting Jeff’s campaign.

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