Lung Association: Cleaner air standards under attack in Congress

Yes… and is leading the charge.

American Lung Association “advocacy specialist” Jim Harrington writes in the Detroit Free Press:

The ink has barely dried on the long awaited mercury and air toxics standards, and already there are some in Congress furiously working to unravel this and other vital healthy air protections…

As eager as some in Congress are to protect the right of power plant operators to sully the air we breathe, our own U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, seems just as keen on undermining regulations of air pollution by companies that use industrial boilers under the cloak of the payroll tax bill. Upton is leading the charge to blockade the cleanup of hazardous, mercury-laden emissions generated by the nation’s largest and dirtiest industrial boilers, which are responsible for as many as 8,100 deaths and 52,000 asthma attacks every year.

At every turn, our right to breathe clean air is under attack. Now that some in Congress are more eager to shelter corporate polluters than they are to protect public health, never has our fight for healthy air been subject to such deliberate political engineering.

If we want to see our state’s air quality improve for the sake our nearly 3 million children, every Michigan voter must tell Washington to cease efforts to block, weaken or delay our rightful Clean Air Act protections.

We challenged the Lung Association to produce any evidence that ambient air quality harmed anyone last year. It has produced nothing — except hot air like Harrington’s.
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2 thoughts on “Lung Association: Cleaner air standards under attack in Congress”

  1. We have a new DEP Chief in Pennsylvania, a lawyer and a Rino(?) appointee. I was shocked to find him doing
    a RADON AD suggesting everyone avail themselves of a Radon Test Kit because Radon was the number one cause of Lung Cancer. Since when? I thought the Hermeses Theory put that issue to bed.
    Where are the relevent studies to support that, or is this more junk science?

  2. If mercury is responsible for “8,100 deaths and 52,000 asthma attacks”, how do they get “nearly 3 million children” under threat? I’m not a mathematician, but something seems wrong with these numbers.

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