Liberal group compiles hit list of TV meteorologist climate change skeptics

“American Met Society urged to open re-education camps for wayward on-air meteorologists who deny extreme leftist agenda.”

Tony Hake of the Climate Examiner writes:

A new group funded by multi-billionaire George Soros has taken a new tact in the global warming debate by targeting TV meteorologists who have expressed doubt about man’s ability to effect climate change. Forecast the Facts names names and is pressing the American Meteorological Society to change its policy statement on the topic.

With thousands of television meteorologists across the nation appearing daily in front of Americans, they provide one of the most public faces to the science of weather and climate. These highly educated individuals have also been one of the most visible to hold back against the anthropogenic global warming theory instead offering their real world experience…

Read Hake’s entire commentary.

5 thoughts on “Liberal group compiles hit list of TV meteorologist climate change skeptics”

  1. That’s because the Greens/Globalists USE propaganda, shutting-down all other venues of info. The Media, here, is OWNED by the Globalists who OWN Nobama. The Globalists don’t care about the “truth”,UNLESS the “truth” can be used to advance their agenda. Like the traditional Islamic-terrorist, it is “OK” among the Greens/Globalists to LIE, if it advances “Socialist-‘Truth'”. They…are credible, to THEMSELVES, even if LYING, because of the expected RESULT of World Socialist Governance, which they think would be a “gift” to the World (–they’re not talking about the Hundreds of Millions that will DIE on the way, or as a result… of World Soviet-Socialist Governance–those killed will be “gifted” with death because they “denied” the Socialist Victory, thereby committing Treason against the State). They’ll trot-out plattitudes like, “To make an omlet (World Socialist Governance), you have to break(KILL) some eggs (110 million PEOPLE KILLED in the last century by their govts, mostly Commu-fascist Govts.).” So WHO would support such plans? The lower levels of the Conspiracy, probably do not realize, while they’re liquidating our freedoms prior to our lives, that THEY will, in their turn, be betrayed by the same State they’re making, while they’re dis-mantling ours. Hitler turned on His SA-leader, Rhoem. Stalin turned on Lenin, and then kept after all his underlings until the Jewish doctors “stroked-him”, in self-defense. By the way, the pipeline deal was KILLED by Nobama at the ORDERS of Warren Buffet, who owns the railroads all over, whose business would be hampered by a more efficient pipeline. So Warren Buffet, kindly old billionaire tax-cheat(imo), is PROTECTED, and this country and its UNION-workers are SCREWED(20K jobs lost Now, 120K jobs lost later, due to no pipeline. Nobama has betrayed the USA, and should be IMPEACHED, but for our Congre$$, –some of whom may also be pocketed by Warren. Gosh, and I thought Soros & Gates were in control over Nobama. Buffet & Nobama get lots of “cover” with the Eco-Nazis, ALSO PAID to kill the pipeline, via donations to their Non-profits.

  2. You have to wonder about humans-how stupid are we? The tactics of re-education and drowning out dissent are what is expected from Nazis and Communist regimes. For humans to be conned TWICE in living memory with the same tactic is a sad reflection on humanity. Do note, the Nazis were born of the green/socialist movement. After WW 2, ex Nazis and communists joined the Green movement which now is dominant in the UN. Take note, the Greens are antisemitic. For those who are unaware, the Fabians were instrumental in establishing the League of Nations, which morphed in to the UN. Nazi philosophy is as crazy as Fabian philosophy and eerily similar. Could it be that the Nazis were “hot” Fabians trying to force the issue quickly because they could smell their impending victory? An Agenda 21 type world smells very much like global Nazism, Communism, Pol Pot despotism all rolled in to a big bureaucratic nightmare. For those not aware of the Fabians, Agenda 21 (you just gotta love the ramifications of “sustainable development”), the Lima declaration and other insane UN ravings, you owe it to yourself to do the research. Personally, the New World Order is not for me- I intend going down fighting.

  3. A survey was done in the Spring 2010 by AMS of its members and published in their October Journal. As I recall, 70 percent said man had no effect of global warming. About 20 percent said there was no global warming. Some said global warming was a scam. About half said no warming in the last ten years. John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel, now works in San Diego and is an outspoken critic of man-made global warming.

    Heed what is going on by those who want re-education. This is what happened in Germany in the 1930s. The analogy between the events that brought the Third Reich and the CAGW movement is amazing. Heil Soros.

  4. As soon as something becomes such a crisis that reasoned debate must be squashed, you know the crisis is manufactured.

  5. You’d think a light would go off with these people when highly educated individuals offering real world experience offered up a differing point of view. The greens and progressives reach new lows in credibility seemingly every day and they seem to be the only ones who aren’t noticing it.

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