IBD: Classroom Skeptics

“Teachers reportedly are getting push-back on middle and high school curricula that fuel the speculation that man is warming the planet. Their frustration is almost worthy of a celebration.”

Investor’s Business Daily comments:

… Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Times recounted teachers’ experiences with global warming instruction. The Washington bureau noted that “scientists and educators report mounting resistance to the study of man-made climate change in middle and high schools” and declared that “a flash point has emerged in American science education”…

With the science as unsettled and divided as the public, teachers should cover both sides of the debate if they insist on teaching about greenhouse gases and climate. Man-made global warming isn’t the law of gravity, the boiling point of water or any other indisputable scientific fact. It’s a hunch that hasn’t panned out, a possibility but not a foregone conclusion.

Students, whose minds are impressionable, deserve to know that there is no scientific accord on the question, that skeptics indeed exist and, no, they’re not subhuman monsters on Big Oil’s payroll. Millions of parents, who too often have to deprogram heads that have been filled with left-wing nonsense in the schools, would be grateful if the facts were given a full airing. [Emphasis added]

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3 thoughts on “IBD: Classroom Skeptics”

  1. “Middle and High School” is too late for molding brains. The propaganda must begin at a younger age in the developmental process.

  2. Children are not good BS detectors that is why there is such a push by the Sierra Club, AGW groups, and PETA to push their material at the schools. Anyone remember the Hitler Youth groups?

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