Horner: ‘Green’ Jobs to be Obama’s Bain? Obama Should Be So Lucky…

Solyndra is a far cry from Staples.

Chris Horner writes at Pajamas Media:

Mitt Romney got the Left all atwitter by making the analogy between his layoffs at firms in which Bain Capital had taken a stake and the, ah, unpleasantness that occurred with entities in which President Obama unsuccessfully gambled taxpayer money, taking a stake in entities like Solyndra and Beacon Power which the private capital markets had eschewed.

The analogy is perfectly apt. Both pumped money into existing, struggling companies, making demands of company management. One (Solyndra) was so bad the Bains of the world wouldn’t touch it, but was the politicians’ marquee pick, and collapsed, laying everyone off; the other’s picks mostly survived thanks to the (private) intervention.

Except Obama’s folly is worse. His policies — which he formerly boasted were imported from Europe, if not so much, anymore — throw per-job fortunes at “creating” these positions (say, $355,555 according to his Council of Economic Advisors), but they are inherently temporary jobs which last only so long as the wealth transfer continues.

Erstwhile Obama model Spain proved this. When spokesman Robert Gibbs was called out about Spain’s failure, Obama continued giving the same speech but, implausibly, swapped out Spain for Denmark as the model for our energy system and new economy…

Read Horner’s entire commentary.

4 thoughts on “Horner: ‘Green’ Jobs to be Obama’s Bain? Obama Should Be So Lucky…”

  1. Have him write a book! But FIRST, blog it! Get it out. So many “Green” issues are manufactured, that process HAS to be revealed, so we can fight against it.

  2. Close friends with a person that lived in the Gore house. Petroleum found to be a natural substance. Coal thought to be solidified oil. Close friends with NASA engineer that dreamed up the ozone scare..anyone interested

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