Hayhoe now whining to Canadians

Please pass her a tissue made from Canada’s “Boreal” forests.

The Globe and Mail reports on Katharine Hayhoe’s bidy for Canadian sympathy:

“I’d be a lot easier to stay home. It’s not easy having people standing up and screaming at you. It’s not easy opening your mail in the morning and seeing a hundred e-mails, each one more hateful than the last,” Dr. Hayhoe said Monday, in her first interview with a Canadian news outlet.

“That’s not easy. And it’s not the science that motivates me. It’s what comes from the heart”…

“There’s a well-organized campaign, primarily in the United States but also in other countries, including Canada and Australia, of bloggers, of people in the media, of basically professional climate deniers whose main goal is to abuse, to harass and to threaten anybody who stands up and says climate change is real – especially anybody who’s trying to take that message to audiences that are more traditionally skeptical of this issue.”

It was even more shocking because she didn’t see herself as a “Godless, tree-hugging activist” but a scientist who also happened to be married to a pastor and to a member of an evangelical Bible church.

“The attacks’ virulence, the hatred and the nastiness of the text have escalated exponentially. I’ve gotten so many hate mail in the last few weeks I can’t even count them”…

“Nice to hear that Gingrich is tossing my #climate chapter in the trash. 100+ unpaid hrs I [could have] spent playing w my baby,” she wrote on Twitter.

She says that she now feels no grudge against Mr. Gingrich and that the incident is just proof of the acute polarization that has affected what should be a scientific debate.

“Attacking me and my colleagues and trying to intimidate us and trying to smear us is not going to change the facts of the situation.”

2 thoughts on “Hayhoe now whining to Canadians”

  1. That’s always how it is. Those that TORTURE us, are SURPRISED, imo, that the victims “object” to their being disappeared/killed! Hayhoe, imo, is a Psychotic, because she IGNORES the Climate-FRAUD of administration “Nazis” like Michael Mann–she IGNORES the LYING, East-Anglia EMAILS, which show utter CONTEMPT for scientific-truth. In their dark-heart of hearts, the Nazis, post-war, hiding in their South American enclaves and NASA(–where they later got us to the Moon, in front of the Russian-Germans…), would get together and rant that they TRIED to fulfill the Globalist agenda,–taking-out Jews( and had “plans” for later, Christians…) because they were a strong religious opposition to God-less World Governance, but other Globalists “ganged-up on them”, just as they were about to finish their work. So it is, with the Regulatory “Nazis”,the Apologists of the EPA, the brain-dead Hayhoes, –they are un-bowed, even ENCOURAGED by the ranting of their Leader, to: “press-on”, REGULATE, –DESTROY(via Regulation)… the Economy of the USA, as the Bilderbergers TOLD ME(–and Hillary) to TELL you to do, in 2008! Of course, Nobama did NOT SAY these last few sentences, but they loom as an un-spoken, “Seig Heil!” bounced-off the walls of the EPA gathering place. The Nazis also couldn’t see a difference between criticism and terrorism,thinking they were equal. No doubt, I will be disappeared, as a “terrorist”, but really, I merely sought to save,–to criticize the EPA, –to enable our regulatory-trampled economy, to sprout and burst-forth in plant-growth from under EPA Jack-boots, avoiding the “tiff-mower” of Marxism, and the Mulch-bin of Globalism.

  2. They just don’t understand that they are running a financial scam. They are treated like the criminals that they are!

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