Hayhoe: ‘Climate scientists are like Boy Scouts trying to fight the Marines’

Katharine Hayhoe continues her whine country tour; this time with the Grist writer who suggested Nuremberg-style trials for skeptics.

Hayhoe complains to Roberts in “Chatting with the climate scientist Newt dissed“:

What I’ve gotten is nothing compared to what Phil Jones or Mike Mann has gotten. What they’ve gotten is nothing compared to what political candidates get. And what I’ve gotten is certainly enough to make me say, look, what I’m doing doesn’t help me in my academic career. It attracts all sorts of unpleasant attention, some of which, frankly, makes me feel unsafe. When you get emails mentioning your kids and guillotines in the same sentence, it makes you want to pull the blanket over your head and keep your mouth shut for about 10 years.

There was a piece in Nature a few days ago exhorting scientists to “stick their heads up above the parapet” and talk about climate. So I commented on that piece, and I said, it’s fine for you to tell them to stick their heads out, but you have to tell them what they’re going to get. Like Mike Mann said, climate scientists are like Boy Scouts trying to fight the Marines. The level of attack you get if you stick your head out is so great at this point that everybody should have the right to decide if it’s worth the price for them or not.

Flashback: On Sep. 19, 2006, Roberts wrote,

“When we’ve finally gotten serious about global warming, when the impacts are really hitting us and we’re in a full worldwide scramble to minimize the damage, we should have war crimes trials for these bastards — some sort of climate Nuremberg.”

Flashback: On March 10, 2010, Michael Mann said,

It’s literally like a battle between a Marine and a Cub Scout when it comes to the scientists defending themselves. We obviously don’t have the resources, we don’t have the experience, we haven’t been trained, we’re not public relations experts like they are, we’re not lawyers and lobbyists like they are – we’re scientists, we’re trained to do science. So it’s like a classic example of asymmetric warfare, and that’s really the way we should think about this.

8 thoughts on “Hayhoe: ‘Climate scientists are like Boy Scouts trying to fight the Marines’”

  1. I know Boy Scouts. I have been a Boy Scout and a Boy Scout adult leader. A Scout is (among other things) trustworthy. Michael Mann, you are no Boy Scout!

  2. I think these folk are fooling themselves – give us some irrefutably proven facts and we will listen – ramble on continuously about what may happen if we don’t act or the science is proven about …….. or we don’t have the funds etc etc – what you don’t have is reliable proven facts – cough up or shut up would be my advice!

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