Hansen: Obama should have tried fireside chats on climate

But FDR’s 13 Depression-era fireside chats didn’t actually solve any problems. And check out Dr. Hansen’s prescription for saving the planet.

Here are a couple excerpts from a Scientific American interview with Jim Hansen:

Q: Where’s the clear climate message?

A: Obama could’ve done it if he had started out when he had 70 percent approval and if he followed a policy like Franklin Roosevelt and had fireside chats. It’s not that difficult. It can be explained.

Q: How long can emissions increase before we risk serious impacts?

A: We really should be aiming to keep CO2 no higher than about 350 parts per million and possibly somewhat less than that if we want to maintain stable ice sheets and stable shore lines and avoid many other issues. That would require starting today. We’d have to reduce CO2 emissions at six percent a year if we began next year. If we began five years ago, it would’ve been three percent. If we wait until 2020, it becomes 15 percent.… [Emphasis added]

Read the entire interview.

3 thoughts on “Hansen: Obama should have tried fireside chats on climate”

  1. It would be easier to explaint that there has never been anything like the stability Hansen imagines and it is impossible if not detrimental to achieve stability. And that, despite that, we’ve been quite stable enough in the last 100 years to have statistically insiginifcant instability in sea levels and that the ice is comin’ back.

  2. But, but, won’t that fire set a bad example for the US people? I mean, fire produces that evil CO2. /snark

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