Greens feign poverty for campaign

So did the Sierra Club blow “tens of millions” in Vegas?

In “David vs. Goliath or even money? Greens weigh their election-year matchup”, Environment & Energy Daily reports,

…”We can’t compete with Big Oil in terms of campaign cash — we don’t have tens of millions of dollars to throw into TV ads — but we can outcompete Big Oil in terms of people,” Sierra Club chief Michael Brune said in an interview.

But Brune acknowledged that “of course we’re worried” about the financial muscle that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Petroleum Institute (API) and other groups can bring to the table this year to pitch the benefits of Keystone XL to the public…

So what happened to the $50 million the Sierra Club got from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg?

2 thoughts on “Greens feign poverty for campaign”

  1. A lot of the Big Greens ‘re-donate’ their funds to smaller greens, etc., so the $50 million could actually be gone from the Sierra Club’s coffers by now. Seriously. This is a very common practice.

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