Greens: De-militarize the military

The Center for American Progress suggests that the military be diluted (polluted) with global warming alarmists and other One-Worlders.

In its new report “Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict: Addressing complex crisis scenarios in the 21st Century“, the comrades at the Center for American Progress suggest:

Create a unified national security budget. This will require the integration of defense, diplomacy, and development funding into a comprehensive national security budget that recognizes the importance of non-military instruments in achieving security, and that helps to better synchronize funding and priorities across agencies.

So as Iran saber-rattles about shutting down the Straits of Hormuz, does the Center for American Progress fret about the Obama administration’s domestic war against fosil fuel production? No, it frets about the debunked melting of the Himalayan glaciers possibly causing a water war in the distant future.

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