Greens: Air conditioning a threat to energy security

We’d vote to keep air conditioning and to bounce the greens off the island.

From “It is the coal barons, not activists, who threaten society,” a Friends of the Earth Australia spokesman writes:

The real threat to our energy security in recent times has been the massive use of air conditioners on very hot days…

So given that airconditioning poses a greater threat to energy security than anti-coal activists do, and that burning coal poses an existential threat to life on this planet, perhaps public resources could be better spent on something other than interfering with community advocacy aimed at trying to stop the coal industry from destroying the biosphere.

But EPA says in “It’s Too Darn Hot” — Planning for Excessive Heat Events:

People who do not have air conditioning are also likely to experience problems during heat events…

Air conditioning is the best defense [against heat waves]. Spending time in air conditioned location, (even a few hours); during the hottest times of the day can be very helpful. If you don’t have air- conditioning in your home, visit family or friends who do. Go to the library, a movie theater, a senior center, or a shopping mall. Check to see if your town has a “cooling center” which is a building with air conditioning where people can gather during a heat wave…

Make air-conditioned buildings available and provide a way to get there…

The reality is the greens are a threat to energy security, national security and public health. As Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett put it in “The Great Escape”:

There’s only one way to put it, sir: they are the common enemies of everyone who believes in freedom.

3 thoughts on “Greens: Air conditioning a threat to energy security”

  1. How’s about we launch a pilot program on elimination of air conditioning. First place to start? Government buildings. 🙂

  2. It reminds me of the interview with a greenie meet up participant some time back. She came up with the brilliant idea that to handle the coming “horrible” heat from AGW we should build massive air conditioners in the cities and turn them on. She never did say where we were supposed to dump the heat, but then when you’re a greenie you don’t have to deal with real science – just great intentions.

    [I expect she would have been a participant in the recent Poopstock events, having a useless degree in underwater basket weaving or something and $100,000 outstanding in student loans and no clue why she STILL doesn’t have a six figure job.]

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