Green policies are costing Britons the earth

The ‘green agenda’ is pushing up the cost of living for lower earners, argues Ruth Porter of the Institute for Economic Affairs.

Porter writes in the Telegraph,

Rather predictably, Ed Miliband blamed the cuts for making life tough for those on low and middle incomes this week. And he has heaped scorn on what he calls “rip-off Britain”. Both he and Cameron, however, are missing a trick when it comes to making life easier for lower earners. It is in part the green agenda that is driving up living costs and making life harder for vast swathes of Britain. [Emphasis added]

Read porter’s entire commentary.

One thought on “Green policies are costing Britons the earth”

  1. I am glad to see that finally people like Ruth Porter are beginning to speak-out against the eco-lobby, the eco-frauds, the anti-nuclear power bunch, the climate-frauds, and the entire green-bunch. We have Dr. Bill Wattenburg of the Univ. of California who is speaking-out, too. Dr. Bill has been on KGO Radio in San Francisco (810 on the AM dial) after 10PM ( Pacific Time ) Sat and Sun nights.

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