Green lobby says it will power up push for full fracking ban

Not that there is likely to be too much fracking in New Jersey anyway.

The Asbury Park Press reports,

The Legislature this week concurred with Gov. Chris Christie’s conditional veto of a bill permanently banning fracking, establishing a one-year drilling moratorium instead, but environmentalists remain upbeat about the prospects of winning the tougher rule in the future.

“We’re going to push really hard in the new legislative session to have a full ban put in place,” Jim Walsh, the director of New Jersey Food & Water Watch, said Wednesday…

New Jersey had a first-in-the-nation, legislatively approved permanent ban on fracking last summer, but Christie issued the conditional veto shortly after.

Walsh’s group and dozens of other environmental, faith, labor and consumer organizations tried unsuccessfully to persuade state Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney, D-Gloucester, to post an override bill Monday, the final meeting of the two-year legislative session.

Walsh said the green groups will be powering up efforts to change minds again.

“The governor says he wants to wait until more science is reported on the issue. There’s already information available, and I think we’ll see more reports come out that tell the story on methane contamination, benzyne in the air, and pollution in waterways and streams due to fracking,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Green lobby says it will power up push for full fracking ban”

  1. If NJ wants no fracking, when we should let them have that, IN NEW JERSEY. In fact, they should not take any gas from fracking in other states. I believe home heating oil is ~30x the cost/MMBtu as gas right now. I’m sure the fine folks in NJ would welcome the increase in costs. Now, this month. Being green will keep you warm in the winter, I suppose.

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