Global warming movie kills box office competition!

Radio talk show host Phil Valentine’s documentary “An Inconsistent Truth” (which includes interview clips of the Junkman) was #1 in weekend box office results!

“An Inconsistent Truth” crushed the national competition in terms of per theater average box office by more than double!

Click for the IMDB listing for “An Inconsistent Truth.”

5 thoughts on “Global warming movie kills box office competition!”

  1. Funny stuff. I am glad however that it is a deleted scene. This kind of edited clip gives ammunition to the alarmists who will point to it and claim that it summarizes the argument being made; ie that is clever tricks and phoney information. I look forward to seeing this film but am wary of the science being lost within the ‘infotainment’ style it looks to project. i just hope it isn’t just a right wing tirade against Al Gore (even though he does deserve it).

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