5 thoughts on “Gingrich on Obama Keystone Rejection: ‘Stunningly stupid’”

  1. Of course, since Gingrich believes in AGW, he is probably secretly glad he did. The one thing that troubles me in the reporting on Obama’s decision is the startling lack of comments on how much more damaging to the environment it is to ship oil via tanker than pipeline. Our oil consumption WILL remain basically static with or without this pipeline. The only thing that might change is the source of that oil. And BTW if we’d allow new refineries to be built, maybe the pipeline wouldn’t need to be so long. AND everywhere this proposed pipeline will cross is already laced with existing pipelines carrying various organic compounds that there is no intention of shutting down–older and potentially more dangerous pipelines (but let’s be realist, not really very dangerous at all, just in comparison). This includes those “pristine” Nebraska sandhills.

  2. Obama would have rejected the pipeline after the election if it had been delayed until that date. Make him put his cards on the table. The Obama administration wants to stop use of fossil fuels for reaons I can not fathom. Supposedly due to global warming.

    This should be the main campaign issue this fall. If the Republicans don’t use it; be prepared to see Obama on TV for another four years. Obama is better looking than the Republicans and has has less religous baggage carried by Republicans.

    I am FOIA

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