French socialists would shutter 40% of nuke plants

The anti-nuke movement surfs the Fukushima tsunami.

The Financial Times reports,

France and its national electricity supplier, EDF, have been told they will need to spend billions of euros on making their 58 nuclear reactors conform to tough new safety standards deemed necessary after last year’s atomic disaster at Fukushima in Japan.

The French nuclear safety authority said in a report on Tuesday that none of the reactors needed to be shut down immediately but demanded a “massive” investment to ensure the sites could withstand a Fukushima-style natural shock. France has the world’s biggest dependence on nuclear power, which supplies about three-quarters of its electricity, all of it provided by EDF…

The future of nuclear power supply in France is also shrouded in uncertainty ahead of the forthcoming presidential elections because of a promise by François Hollande, the Socialist front-runner, to shut 24 of the plants by 2025 should he win power…

2 thoughts on “French socialists would shutter 40% of nuke plants”

  1. There were no known deaths from Three Mile Island, very few from Chernobyl, and none from Fukushima.
    The Heny Penny reaction to Fukushima and the indifference to the roughly 20,000 people washed away by a 120 foot wave show the anti-nuke people to be disgusting.

    The wonder was that the nuclear facilities and their minders behaved as well as they did. The evacuations and subsequent quarantine were terrible overreactions.

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