Fracking’s externalities

“Extermalities” = Junk economics.

Bond analyst Cate Long writes in “Fracking’s Externalities“:

Fracking is under increased scrutiny in the U.S. and in Australia, in the state of New South Wales. Both nations have undertaken studies to examine the effect of fracking on groundwater supplies. But there are other potential socialized costs that need to be included in these public studies, including the possible cost of wastewater treatment plants, damage to local roads, air and water pollution and the linkages to earthquakes. The costs of these possible side effects to local communities may exceed the gains they’ll receive from extraction royalties and increased tax revenues. We need some accounting… [Emphasis added]

The above-highlighted phrase ais what the greens refer to as “externalities” — i.e., a license to fantasize about all the potential harms and costs associated with a politically incorrect activity, like fracking. The associated catch phrase is “privatizing the profits but socializing the costs. This amount to nothing more than “imagining the harms and killing the jobs.”

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4 thoughts on “Fracking’s externalities”

  1. Externality is found at the crossroad of total control and hallucination. Best applied when the harm is significant, well-defined, and limited in nature and when the remedy is clear and minimal in cost. Otherwise, there are a lot of externalities to the use of externality, to say the least.

  2. I agree. Those worthless environ-MENTAL “eco-nazis”,–knee-jerk against extraction of our beautiful oil, –all at the Orders of the groups the Globalists support. They conspire to Stop fracking, to create scarcity, giving the Globalists more control, and then the price of oil goes up, filling… Globalist pockets! Yes, those slimy-GREEN(S) Socialists are at it, again! And if Fracking’s stopped, who will be hurt the most, but the newest oil workers, the Hispanics!

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