Fracking seismophobia spreads to Indiana

“It’s a new and unknown method of extraction that could have devastating results for us.”

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette editorializes,

A scientific investigation concluding that fracking operations led to recent earthquakes in northeast Ohio should also cause rumbles at the Indiana Statehouse. The research should garner strong support for Rep. Win Moses’ bill to add minimal regulations on fracking operations in Indiana…

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5 thoughts on “Fracking seismophobia spreads to Indiana”

  1. It IS new. It IS unknown.
    The process of Hydraulic Fracturing has ONLY been around about 10 years. These are NOT conventional wells.

  2. When I studied petroleum geology in 1955 we were taught about hydraulic fracturing. Fracking-grade sands have been standard products for silica miners for decades. How can this process be considered “new”?

  3. Fear is a commodity, like coal, oil, corn or wheat. It is manufactured in our universities and “Study” foundations and their pay is in the form of grants. Environmental and “Wellness” NGOs are the wholesalers, their pay is from dues and grants. The media are the retailers and they profit from subscriptions and advertising as they trumpet the product.

  4. “A scientific investigation concluding…” The most scentifically meaningless words in the editorialist’s phrase-book.

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