Even Manchin Seems Tired of Hiding His Record in D.C.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin should be defending coal against the Obama anti-coal jihad. Instead he supports Obama against West Virginia.

Richard Jones comments in the Huntington News (WV):

…Hoofbeats. That’s what Manchin seems to be hearing, whether it’s guilt from the Obama spending bills he’s voted for, the mood of the country, the competition within his own party’s primary this May, or the prospect of facing Republican John Raese again this fall. At this rate, no matter how many empty endorsements Manchin receives from the West Virginia Coal Association or the State Chamber of Commerce, Manchin has been in politics long enough to know that his career in the U.S. Senate may be one of the shortest in history…

Read Jones’ entire commentary.

Read Steve Milloy’s Charleston Daily Mail op-ed “Who does Joe play for in the Senate?”

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