EPA Harbor Clean-up Backfires

The fish in the Richmond, Calif. harbor are more contaminated with long-banned chemicals.

The UPI reports,

Toxic pollution in a Richmond, Calif., harbor is increasing more than a decade after a Superfund cleanup at the site, officials say.

A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency review found that despite cleanup dredging in 1996, levels of two pesticides not used in the United States since the early 1970s — DDT and dieldrin — are rising in fish in the Lauritzen Channel and Parr Canal, two waterways in Richmond’s Inner Harbor.

Some fish tested at the site are now more contaminated than those tested before the cleanup, local officials said…

Read the UPI report.

3 thoughts on “EPA Harbor Clean-up Backfires”

  1. Why are folks surprised when an intrinsicly bad idea lives up to its low common sense expectations. Throwing lots of money at a bad idea simply makes it an expensive bad idea.

  2. Remember these famous words Every one should fear.
    I’m from the government and were here to Help,

    Also governments don’t hire the brightest bulbs in the group.!!!!1!

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