EPA chief says Republican candidates ‘don’t understand what the EPA does’

Yes, they do. As Rick Perry said, the EPA is a “cemetery for jobs.”

The Associated Press reports,

The nation’s top environmental official fired back Friday against Republican presidential candidates’ relentless criticism of the Environmental Protection Agency, saying those who call for its demise don’t understand the work it does.

EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, appearing at the annual Everglades Coalition conference, said her agency keeps the country’s air and water clean and it doesn’t make sense that it has been so maligned by GOP presidential candidates.

“If you want to get rid of the EPA you don’t understand what the EPA does,” she told The Associated Press.

Jackson said the Clean Air Act has saved “literally hundreds of thousands of lives” and that the economic impact of the legislation was in the billions.

“Optimistically, I would say that I hope that folks understand the importance,” she said, “and not take the environmental cop off the beat”…

The EPA needs to be scrapped and environmental protection re-thought.

5 thoughts on “EPA chief says Republican candidates ‘don’t understand what the EPA does’”

  1. Years ago the South Coast AQMD, southern California, relentlessly pursued an impossible goal of meeting the EPA air Quality standard. As it got closer, by driving productive companies from CA, the EPA, as expected, raised the standards again and again. Natural or background “pollution” is totally ignored, never measured. This guaranteed that SCAQMD will never meet standards and that the regulators will always have a job. Of course, keeping their own job is far more important than keeping the other guy’s job. Soon CA will have only regulators employed as most productive jobs have already left CA. AB 32 fully implemented will see that all production will exit. Sad for CA but a good lesson to the rest of the country. Learn from the Golden State moving from prosperity to green to brown, totally debt-ridden.

  2. The EPA is one of the tools the destroy America and Capitalism crowd uses to achieve their goal. The few beneficial rulings that came from the EPA in the early years are long gone. It’s all politics now, despite Jackson’s bogus babble about lives saved.

  3. The latest EPA report on Xi’an China, most polluted in the world, air is just fine but in the US several ppb less is a dangerous to our health. Another way to squeeze and choke capitalism?

  4. She is, in a sick way right. Vile as GOP candidates think the EPA is, the truth is even worse. The near destruction of a generation of jobs. The gloating self aggrandisement. The sneering refusal to acknowledge error.
    The candidates DO NOT BEGIN to knoe what the EPA does.
    Destroying it is not enough.
    All that has done must be undone.
    All who contributed must be dragged to justice.

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