Environmentalists see reason for alarm in GOP race

More mind games from the MSM.

The Associated Press reports,

Four years after the GOP’s rallying cry became “drill, baby, drill,” environmental issues have barely registered a blip in this Republican presidential primary.

That’s likely to change as the race turns to Florida.

The candidates’ positions on environmental regulation, global warming as well as clean air and water are all but certain to get attention ahead of the Jan. 31 primary in a state where the twin issues of offshore oil drilling and Everglades restoration are considered mandatory topics for discussion.

“It’s almost like eating fried cheese in Iowa,” said Jerry Karnas of the Everglades Foundation. Drilling has long been banned off Florida’s coasts because of fears that a spill would foul its beaches, wrecking the tourism industry, while the federal and state governments are spending billions to clean the Everglades…

Contrary to the AP assertion, the environment has already played a major role in the GOP contest — witness the continued spanking of Newt Gingrich for the Nancy Pelosi commercial, Romney’s change of position on climate and the exit of climate alarmist Jon Hunstman to name just a few impacts.

The MSM is trying to scare the candidates — mostly through the candidates’ eco-ignorant advisers and pollsters.

2 thoughts on “Environmentalists see reason for alarm in GOP race”

  1. People in Florida seem sick to death of the government forcing more and more of their state out of reach of the people. This is an opinion from Canada, but I would say the average voter in Florida would like the government to reduce its intervention in state matters. Not increase.

  2. The only alarmist reaction here is your own. It seems perfectly reasonable to say that, compared to other elections in recent history, there hasn’t been much talk about the environment one way or another. Global warming and environmental protection have not been hot topics, nor have we heard a lot of discussion about rolling back environmental protection (no “drill baby drill” this year). Although we have heard a few calls to eliminate the EPA. It makes sense that politicians aren’t focusing on environmental issues – voters are focused on the economy. Except in Florida, where apparently voters want to hear about offshore drilling and protecting the Everglades. So we might hear the GOP candidates talk a little more about environmental issues as the campaign moves the Florida. That is a perfectly reasonable, factual new story. Your reaction is alarmist.

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